Slow Reading: Discover Its Benefits And Magic

We all know that reading has many benefits for our body. From relieving stress to improving our brain, reading means a healthier life. That’s why we always want to read more and more books. But that’s not always the point of reading.

People tend to run after a large number of read books, which may result in burnout or exhaustion. Meanwhile, effective reading is expected to bring both knowledge and peace to the reader. By following the technique of slow reading, you will soon realize that books are much more than a TBR list or a goal number. So stick along to know how.

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What is slow reading?

Slow reading is when you read slower than the average to focus on deep (or close) reading and comprehension. It is the opposite of speed reading, which falls into reading more volumes in a short time.

The main characteristic of slow reading is allowing yourself to pause and reflect. Maybe to take notes, highlight a passage, or just grasp the content. In other words, it’s giving yourself all the time you need to read.

Why do I love slow reading (and why you should too)?

Before diving into the good impact of slow reading, it is a must to mention that slowing down will do you good. We’re learning today that the word “slow” is bad, and the best results are those that come fast. And if you ask me, I’ll tell you about the toxicity of running after speed, in a world that became extremely busy and chaotic.

Doing things slowly is the key to staying sane in this age. And reading slowly is surely on top of the list. So let’s go through the benefits of slow reading:

It calms you down:

A lot of you readers are here for the mental health benefits. Because as we know anxiety and chronic stress are becoming a norm among us. And slow reading does hit the spot.

Research has shown that slow reading for at least half an hour a day decreases your anxiety. And that’s because your mind is doing nothing but concentrating on one single thing: the book you read. Not only you’re focused on it but also you allow yourself to pause, to think, and to emerge with the book as if you belong to it.

You understand the content better:

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Reading fast just to finish that book and pick up another is not the best habit. That’s how you’ll end up with packed bookshelves but an unchanged mind.

To fully benefit from what you read, it is important to do it with a critical mindset, focus, and take your time to read slowly.

Slow reading will give you the chance to understand fully what you read. Especially with a non-fiction book, the goal is never getting to the last page, but it’s about taking notes and learning through the process.

You avoid reading slumps:

Reading slumps is not a fun period to go through. And you guessed right, speed reading can throw you easily into one. The reason behind this consequence comes back to overwhelming yourself with a lot of information at a time.

Our minds need time to process each info, and the slower you do it the healthier. That’s what it takes to stay away from reading slumps and maintain a healthy reading habit for as long as possible.

You read more books (ironically):

For those of you who want to read more, here is a tip you always missed: read slower.

Reading fast for the sake of a number will only cause you stress, concentration problems, and disconnection from books. Meanwhile, reading slowly will help you maintain it. Making little progress on a daily basis and reaching your goal without realizing it. +with a better understanding of the concepts

You enjoy reading better:

Practicing slow reading will get your mind into loving it. It will become your time of peace and self-care. Because we tend to love and fancy anything that brings us slow calm pleasure!

Enjoying reading is the ultimate dream. And I don’t know about you, but I can do anything to get more attached to reading (in a fun healthy way).


I’ve always been a slow reader myself and it’s been super effective. I read slowly, allowing myself to take notes, grasp the content, and enjoy the book to the fullest. Because let’s be honest if you like a book that much, wouldn’t you want it to stay with you for as long as you can?

Slow reading is a good practice to strengthen your brain and personality. It is healthy, fun, and definitely worth a try. Your mental health will thank you for it!

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