Introverts reading books: Why is it good and healthy

   In a crowded world, people process life around them differently. Around 40 percent of the population are entitled introverts. Those with a special view, prefer to live inside their minds and be aware of themselves separately!

   Reading tends to be a common hobby among introverts, giving them the space of freedom and imagination they seek, away from the chaos.

   Doesn’t mean you need to be an introvert to read. Extroverts make great readers too! But the only reason why reading and introversion are a bit associated is that they would rather sit in a corner and sink in a book for hours than have any external interaction.

POV of an introvert

introverts reading time

   From a young age, I had the habit of carrying the book I read with me. Waiting for the bus, between classes, and sometimes while eating, a book will be wide open in front of my eyes to keep me company.

   I was giving the vibes of a bookish child, quiet, and living in her own world. I fancied the moments of silence in which only lines from my book can get loud. Accumulation of these habits made me a bookworm and was my official introvert trait.

   That’s why today, I see it crucial for an introverted human to value reading, not as a source of knowledge but as a source of joy and inner peace.

   From the first glance I have at a book, I see it make a promise, that it will calm me, show me what I’ve never seen, and give me new sensations to discover quietly in my mind.

   It was always a healthy process for me, reading seemed to meet my needs for many reasons:

Reading helps you understand others

   We all agree that introverts prefer their own company. They love their own time and hate small talk. Yet they are curious, having the urge to understand others and analyze them. They want to know about the deep emotions of human beings and study human nature according to others’ stories.

   Books give this and more. An introvert will fully engage with different characters and so experience many perspectives. This will give them an insight into how different personalities functions.

   Also in every book, there is a part of the writer. This means that every book you pick, dear introvert, is a ticket to the depth of that writer’s brain. You can absorb how a writer feels and thinks along with the characters he made.

Books recharge your batteries

a cat sniffing an open book

   At the end of the day, introverts often get drained by social activities. The extroverted world fills our day with situations that can lead to exhaustion. Moreover, the night or the weekend is the battery recharge for every introvert. It’s our chance to catch our breath and get ready to go again. And reading does that perfectly.

   It is an activity you do alone, in the comfort of your zone, with some quiet and silence around. It frees you from your thoughts, lowers your stress, and gives you a place to wander. All of it to strengthen you again for another day to face!

It improves your skills

   Reading for introverts is a mental getaway. It’s their chance to shine and leave with the book to different lands. Furthermore, it improves many important skills.

   Books, with the fascinating power they’ve got, help increase empathy and intuition for the introverted reader. Leading to better communication, meaningful relationships, and a good level of self-expression.

   Not to mention the benefits it has on imagination. We simply can’t deny that introverts are imaginative creatures. They live inside their bubbles and the worlds that they chose. And equally important, they love to discover their imagination potential. 

   Reading boosts this skill, and to learn more about it, visit: How does reading improve your imagination.

In little words:

   Introverts when they read, they dedicate themselves to the pages. They are often known to be book-ish humans, which is fine, and even good and healthy.

   For many reasons I mentioned before, reading and introversion share some common points. This makes reading a safe place for every introvert.

And you? Are you an introverted reader? Or you still didn’t start your reading journey?

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