How to make a mini journal out of a notebook

Do you know when the fun of journaling truly begins? -It’s undoubtedly when you get creative with it.

Journaling benefits have been famous by now, so we all recognize how starting a journal is good for us. Either for better mental clarity, concentration, creativity nourishement, and so on…

Therefore, the list of creative journal ideas is extensive, reaching all different domains and topics. Some of us would love to start a bullet journal, others would pick a reading journal, or maybe even a nature journal! And the list goes on… But a type that will always be cute and adorable to make is a mini journal for sure.

So today, I thought it’d be helpful to share my mini journal experience with you all! Here you will be introduced to my mini journal, how I made it, and how you can start your own too.

Let’s have a look at the steps:

1- Pick a small notebook:

Surely, by the name of it, a mini journal consists of a little notebook with small pages.

If you are more into DIYs and self-made pieces, you can make your own by following a pattern. It’s pretty simple and easy for everyone.

turning a small notebook to a mini journal

2- Print or get your mini stickers:

You can get small stickers from a stationery shop or print them yourself. If you chose the last, Pinterest will make a great inspiration source for you, and a wide stickers collection to choose from.

Usually, this is what I do: collect a pile of sticker photos and print them into the size I need. Very customizable!

3- Make an intro page to start with:

an intro page to a mini journal

This is what my mini journal intro page looks like. And here is how I made it:

First, I wrote the “mini journal” title in the middle. Then, with some paper, matching stickers, and washi tape, I made a collage from here and there, Lastly, with some pens, I added the doodles in the corners. Tadaaa All good

And as I always say, your journal pages should at some point match your vibes. So just be yourself while doing any of that.

4- Think of a mini journal list of ideas:

Now that your base is ready, it’s time to start a list of ideas you want to make.

Keep in mind that you can do whatever you like, and this list is only for inspiration purposes.

  • Your favorite anime character or idol (this category is pretty famous)
  • Your favorite show
  • A color theme
  • A quote you like
  • An event that happened
  • Your birthday or someone else’s
  • A collage of photos

And for the visuals, here are the pages I love the most from my mini journal:

mini journal inspirational ideas
mini journal creative ideas

In little words:

Starting a mini journal is a genial idea to fill up your free time, to help you discover your art style, and to make you familiar with journaling in all.

We all know by now that journaling has many benefits and any type of journaling is valid to do so! Then why not a cute mini journal to keep as a core memory?

Have you ever tried a specific type of journal? Tell us about it!

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