How to enjoy reading in many languages: polyglot journey

   Reading, as an activity, is fun. Let alone trying it from different perspectives!

   Reading in different languages feels exactly like discovering books all over again. Rumi once said “speak a new language so that the world will be a new world”, and he did not lie.

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   Reading has a different taste and feeling in each language, that’s why I came to encourage every polyglot or language learner to consider reading in other tongues.

   I, myself, am trilingual and I always describe my experience of multi-language reading -in Arabic, French, and English– as a charming moment. There is something about reading that allows you to dig deep into the core of the language; manipulate it in your head, and lead a deep connection with the author’s thoughts. Moreover, reading in different languages has a ton of special features, and that’s how you can enjoy it:

Read in different languages: each has a different style

   If you are a bookworm, then you understand the joy and satisfaction that comes from savoring good words and well-written paragraphs. You exactly know the moment of repeating a sentence aloud just to enjoy it a little bit more.

   With many languages, you get these moments more often since you discover the styles in different versions. Every language succeeds to show you how different and unique its writings are.

   I personally enjoy experiencing the mechanism of each language and testing how my brain works with each. Honestly, our brain does a great job of manipulating different tongues, and it’s even more captivating when you try it with books and reading.

Read the same book differently

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   I remember once I read the famous book “The Alchemist” first in French, and I enjoyed it the most. I was entirely engaged with the story and fascinated by the philosophy of the book, which gave me that feeling of loss and sorrow at the end of the last page.

   I wanted to have that book as a friend a bit more!

   So I immediately decided to read it in Arabic, not only did I get to feel its feelings again but I also had a wholly different perspective of it, with the beautiful Arabic expressions and style.

   That is why reading in many languages is so cool. It offers the key to reading a book twice as if it were the first.

Practice your languages intensely while reading

   I really said intensely because reading is known to be a strong practice of your language skills. It helps you practice all aspects, from grammar to comprehension, passing by writing technics and the flow of the words.

   This will come to use especially if you do not have time to fit in language practice. As a polyglot, it is so crucial to keep up with your knowledge, and it sometimes feels tiring or even overwhelming to study the language you speak every now and then.

   Reading will be an easy fun habit to build into your daily system. And now you have an unconscious practice tool, especially if you enjoy the reading time you get.

Read multiple books at a time

   I don’t know about you, but I get distracted whenever I try to read many books at once. At some point, I just need to put one aside until I am done with the other. But what seemed to work for me over the years is multiple books in different languages!

a library

   Yes, I can now read three books simultaneously, in the three different languages I speak. And that’s due to their variance. In my brain, it feels like three folders are separately open for my current reads because reading in each language is considered a different activity. And I love that! You should try it too, it will help boost your readings as well.

   And along with that, reading in different languages will keep you away from boredom. It works effectevily against reading slumps too. So it is the solution to keep a healthy reading habit, friends!

Final word

   Falling into the category of book lovers and language learners is a blessing. Therefore, you get to go on mental adventures, such as reading in many languages!

   It’s a big win, as you practice, enjoy, discover, and learn. Many benefits are trapped in one single thing. So, do not fear reading in different languages, no matter what are your levels on each. Just pick a book convenient for your level, beginner or advanced, and you will be good to go.

   And for now, you can continue reading other interesting articles about books on nohawrites-reading. Enjoy!

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