How to journal for a healthy back-to-school season (18 prompts)

It’s back-to-school season again! After a long and fun summer break, the time has come to go back to work. And what’s better than a fresh start?

As we discovered in other articles, journaling holds some powerful benefits for your physical and mental well-being. In such situations, journaling will be pretty practical to help us reflect and work on a great new school year.

Back-to-school journal

Here, you will find your guide on how to use your journal for this purpose. And let’s all look forward to having a productive back-to-school season:

Why you should journal for back-to-school?

Summer is a well-deserved break. Certainly, we break so many habits and we go more with the flow of chilling. By the end of summer, it’s necessary to have a period to reset, to switch healthily from holiday to work. And that’s where journaling comes in handy.

Keeping your journal updated during the back-to-school will help you start the new year positively. It will guide you to reflect on last year and build a new mindset for the next one. This way, going back to school won’t be overwhelming and sudden, on the contrary, it will be easy, productive, and well-prepared for.

How to journal for back-to-school season? (journaling prompts to help you)

Now, let’s dive into the ways. Reminding you of our journaling session’s goals; it’s to reflect on the past school year, be grateful for the summer break, plan for the next year, and get ready to be productive. To do so, we want our journal to include different prompts like the upcoming ones.

Prompts to reflect on the last school year:

  • What were my biggest accomplishments last year?
  • Describe my previous school year in a paragraph.
  • What am I proud of the most about the last year? And what do I regret?
  • What are the healthy habits I had at school that I want to keep?
  • What are the bad habits I wish to get rid of?
  • If I had the chance to go back in time, how would I deal with it differently?

Prompts to express gratitude for summer break:

a nature view
  • How was my first week without school? What was different?
  • What was my daily routine like for summer?
  • What are the top memories I made this summer?
  • What brought me inner peace during this break?
  • What am I doing to stay productive and healthy?
  • Summarize the summer break in a paragraph.

Prompts to prepare for the next school year:

  • What are my big goals for this school year?
  • What are the habits I never want to break?
  • How is the last year helping me make the next one better?
  • Describe the lifestyle I want to have during this year.
  • What are the mistakes I’m never doing again?
  • What are the memories I wish to make?

School year bucket list:

And just for fun, you can add another special page: “a school bucket list” . It would help you keep the year fun and active. 

Honestly, apart from the serious work we’ve done to reflect and prepare for the year, I love to add a bucket list on the side to make sure it’s fun. You can list all the cool activities you can do during the school year, and get rid of boredom.

school bucket list

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Wanting to have a better back-to-school season is a must. Adjusting yourself to such a change using a journal is a wise choice.

The prompts above are all the questions you need to start your reset journey. And keep in mind that back-to-school is not always easy, but it’s on us to make it as smooth as possible.

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