“In every book, there is a part of the writer”

   In every book, there is a piece of the writer! That’s the quote we’re discussing today. I always loved reading books by different authors and appreciated how each is unique in his way.

   The philosopher Fiodor Dostoïevski, for instance, never fails to give me this sensation. His writings are just so different that I can always tell it’s him. And this made me think: Why do we find a piece of the writer in every book?

   I tried to break it into pieces and analyze it, as it is a beautiful phenomenon representative of the beauty of writing books. Let’s see how it went

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Writing reveals true feelings

   If you ever tried writing, then you know how in every paragraph you note there is a “part of you”. Some feelings and expressions somehow belong to you and represent you. The same happens with writers.

   Unconsciously, a writer would express himself in his writing even when it’s objective. Describing a place, or telling a story, are different ways to read the writer. Because on his way to simply tell a detail, he falls into the trick of revealing himself!

   Not to mention the sensitive writing in which the author expresses emotions. And directly to the depth of his personality, he goes. Giving us a look at how this writer perceives the world and how he feels and sees his surroundings according to his own philosophy.

   “I write entirely to find out what I’m thinking, what I’m looking at, what I see, and what it means. What I want and what I fear.” ― Joan Didion

   And that’s how words tend to be very expressive, telling us about who this person is.

Words are beautiful, differently in each book

   Like any type of art, a human can do nothing but pour himself out into the piece he makes. Books are artworks made of words and expressions. And words themselves are little art tools, that can beautifully pass thoughts.

   A writer, in his book, will elegantly express things. Immediately it will give a reflection of his identity and lead to personalize the book he writes. Here comes the personal touch, in the choice of words and adequate tones! 

   I sometimes read a certain quote in a book and I feel connected directly to the writer as between the lines he reveals much, only with the tone and language used. Especially when reading in different languages, it takes that experience to another level.

   This leads us to the next one:

There are meanings between the lines

   A skill that you will find in yourself as a reader is this one. The ability to read not only the visible lines but also what’s in between. The way the words are written will give you insight into why and what made the writer say that.

   Writers tend to describe themselves in characters sometimes or explain what they went through using other situations. The process of linking parts of a book comes from the unique experiences of this writer. And the act of building up characters will ALWAYS reveal something about the writer, and give the book a special unique taste.


   It is not obvious though, because it’s all said between the lines.

Winding up

   It will always be fascinating, to find authors in their books. Reading then becomes a ticket to the mind and soul of the writer. They tend to give us a couple of pages to read, yet we read way more. And that’s beautiful! Have you started your reading journey yet?

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