How to get out of a reading slump

As readers, we face a diversity of problems within our reading journey. And reading slumps come on top of the list.

We all know that being in a reading slump can be stressful and mentally draining. It disconnects you from books and makes you feel like a stranger.

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I, myself, see it as a monster that keeps me away from my favorite hobby, delaying my progress and sneaking some disappointment. Yet, I overcome it every time, and I will share my tips with you!

 So do not worry, reading slumps are normal and here I will make it clear and easy for you to get out of it ASAP.

What is a reading slump?

A reading slump is a state of inability to read. You lose interest in books and seem never to enjoy reading nor have the excitement to flip through pages as before.

As simple as it sounds, you wake up and find it super hard to read a book. Even books that you naturally enjoy seem to lose their sparkle. And now, you are left with a broken hobby that stopped working.

In a minute, we will discuss the reasons behind reading slumps. But first, let’s talk about how we can recognize it.

How to know if you are experiencing a reading slump?

Reading slumps take different shapes and forms depending on your place in life. But those signs will help you diagnose a reading slump and save the situation early:

  • You do not enjoy your favorite genre anymore
  • You get easily distracted while reading and keep repeating the same paragraphs
  • No book interests you. Reading seems like a heavy  chore now
  • Days pass by without you reading any page
  • You’re overwhelmed by not reading but still can’t pick a book
  • Your TBR is no longer exciting
  • Disconnection is the only thing you feel when you read

What are the causes of a reading slump?

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A reading slump can haunt you for many reasons, so here are some to keep an eye open:

  • Burnout: Either you’ve been reading excessively, like binge-reading a long series in a short period. Or you’re experiencing burnout from your professional life, which has led you to decline any activity demanding an effort.
  • Boredom: You’ve been choosing the wrong books lately that are too boring for you. Constantly being bored while reading may kill the flame of books on you and give you a temporary loss of interest.
  • Stress: Sometimes, a high level of stress in your daily life can mess up your habits and organization. Therefore, leisure activities can be crushed and neglected, giving your brain and body the energy to deal with the stress you go through.
  • High expectations: Setting unrealistic reading goals for yourself can get exhausting once you don’t reach it. A number of books or reading hours that don’t fit your schedule are the easiest way to kill the reader on you. So keep in mind to think well about your reading goals.

How to actually get out of a reading slump?

Now that we know it’s pretty common, we can gather the courage to address it, and I would like to share the tips that have always helped me in such situations:

Give yourself a break from reading

This may be hard for readers to admit, but it’s always necessary to take breaks!

Reading slumps are going to happen, and letting it be is the best cure. So take that step and stop thinking about books for a while. You will immediately recover, miss your books, and make your way back to that nook.

Explore new book genres

Especially if boredom is why you’re here, this tip is for you. Try to go for new genres and types! Going out of your comfort reading zone will most likely help you find what you love.

Find a guide to book genres and step into a new one you never tried. You will either discover your new favorite space or gain a good experience you will never regret.

Here is a full guide to help you choose your new destination: reading genres

Slowly go back to reading content

A reading slump can push you out of your reading mood, and here comes the role of social media!

Having a couple of book accounts showing on your feed may excite you to read too. And watching a reading vlog once in a while will help too. It will bring not only motivation to your reading game but also some good recommendations.

So use that for your benefit, and take baby steps towards reading again!

Start by reading short stories and novellas

We already mentioned how long series can lead to a reading slump. An overdose of reading will cause you exhaustion and burnout. So to recover, it’s better to stay away from long books and start off with short stories and novellas.

Short easy books are often recommended for beginners for a reason! Think about it, they easily get you engaged with the story and they’re straight to the point. Away from any long description or complications, you will find yourself connecting to a book in no time.

Revisit your favorite books

One of the best pieces of advice!

Our favorite books often hold memories and strong emotions. Re-reading them will give you a similar feeling to the first time, and that’s something we all love.

This will remind you of: 

  • how much you enjoyed that book
  • how amazing reading is 
  • how can a book provide such beautiful feelings

Join a book club or a reading buddy

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Book clubs can be great for you if your schedule is busy or you have too many priorities. It helps you stick to reading and stay on track with what you read. Plus the energetic community full of readers like you will fill the void and bring your love for books back.

A reading buddy is great too! Having someone that you can discuss a book with and read the same list simultaneously is also a good source of motivation. You can ask your friend to start reading together, maybe go on reading dates, and the next thing you know reading is fun again.

Journal about it

Yes, journaling can fix this too!

At the end of the day, reading slumps happen due to a changement or a psychological reason, so journaling seems to be an adequate solution.

Journaling about your reading slump will help you understand why it happened. And generally writing about your emotions will make you think clearly about your reading goals and state.

If this topic of journaling interests you, you can visit these posts:


It’s hopefully clear now that reading slumps are normal, and you will have to deal with them now or later.

It only takes some time and courage to understand, accept, and overcome it. Following the tips I shared must be enough to recover from your reading slump, as long as you’re patient with it.

As a matter of fact, your love for books isn’t gone, it’s just a bit drained. So what do you think? Do you have any more advice? If so, feel free to share them down below.

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