Who's behind the blog?

Who am I ?

  I’m Noha, a young Moroccan girl with a big creative sense. Journaling and reading books were always the good choice for me.

  I’ve been a reader for more than 7 years now, and I gained my experience through many books and different styles. I find reading to be an art that not everyone masters, so I’m here to share my journey and help you with your own.

  Journaling has been my passion since I was a kid. A tiny agenda was always on my surroundings where I keep my little innocent memories. But the little memories soon turned into prompts, spreads, and artistic pages where I breath. I started developping my journaling style and experimenting with all journal types, to reach my own. Now, journaling is my lifestyle.

   Apart from that, I’m a second year engineering student who’s in love with computing! A big fan of tea, an introvert who loves to make meagningful friendships, and a lover of calm lifestyles. I strive to maintain balance in my life by bossing and practicing my hobbies similultaneously. And I’d love to be friends with you, dear creative human.


photo of me reading

What is Noha Writes for?

a library

  Noha writes is a beautiful combination of things I love; writing, reading, journaling, creativity, and sharing. Different hobbies have shaped my life over the last years and now I come to share what I know to inspire others.

 I believe that everyone has a story to tell, and a lesson to teach.  So it’s my job, as a passionate reader and journaling lover, to transmit what I know and spread inspiration. I’m here to help you implement your hobbies in a way that will upgrade your life, the way it did to mine. And all of this happens along with meeting you guys and building this beautiful community together.

 This blog is made for creative souls, those who fall in love with ink in paper, those who dedicate hours to a piece of art, those who see beauty in creativity. So if that speaks to you, welcome to your new habitat, take a seat, and let’s get creative together!


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