Who's behind the blog?

Who am I ?

  I’m Noha, a young Moroccan girl with a big creative sense. Journaling and reading books were always the good choice for me.

   Apart from that, I’m an engineering student who’s in love with computing! A big fan of tea, an introvert who loves to make meagningful friendships, and a lover of calm lifestyles. I strive to maintain balance in my life by bossing and practicing my hobbies similultaneously.


The purpose of Noha writes

  Noha writes is a beautiful combination of things I love; writing, reading, journaling and sharing. Different hobbies shaped my life within the last years and now I came to share what I know in order to inspire others.

   This blog is made for creative people. Because nothing is better than a community that will inspire you and teach you 

I’ll be here to give you the inspiration dose you need.