Your ultimate guide to fall-inspired journal pages with 10+ ideas

Guess who’s back?? Fall season, cozy evenings, hot tea or chocolate, yellow trees, and sweater weather.

I bet you are excited already for another fall with all the details it brings. And we know that a good season is only fun when accompanied by rituals and habits. 

So if you happen to be a journaling lover, let’s go ahead and check this list. I collected various journaling styles to help find and explore your own!

1-Painting a page:

a fall art journal page

So did a great job painting an aesthetic fall page. 

And if you are an artist who loves drawing and coloring, this style is exactly for you. Previously on this blog, we talked about self-expressing with art! Combining all your artistic skills in a journal will make it indeed unique, just like this one.

2-A weekly organizer:

A monthly organizer

Our friend continued her fall journaling with this incredible page. After the beautiful first painting, she followed with a weekly organizer to keep her tasks on track.

Planning and organizing your ideas in a journal will only boost your productivity levels. Especially when it comes with a new season!

3-A quote page:

a fall quote page

Quote pages are always special and @journalwithilise made a piece of art out of it.

It seems fun to look for quotes you relate to, combine it with a convinient illustration, and make it a page. It will definitely join my fall bucket list for the year! So feel free to do the same.

4-Show your washi tapes:

Washi Tapes are the ultimate best journaling tools. They’re soo cute and soo efficient in decorating your journaling space. On this page, let us admire the fall washi tape collection that @nicole.josephine made.

You can see how simple, yet fascinating it turned out. So pick up your journal, your fall washi tapes, and show us your art!

5-a minimalist page:

@annajournals_ is great at making those! And here we are with another monthly calender made for autumn.

As you can tell by now, fall journaling is about the colors, the words, and the warmth of your design. You want your pages to be as minimalist or as extra as you need, but with a beautiful dominant fall vibes.

6-black and white:

Black and white journal page

With @papyrophie we get a black and white page. Simple, cute, and fall representative!

Black and white journal pages are great to break the routine every now and then. It’s good to go back to the basics with some doodles and a black pen. And you can go even further by discovering more black and while bujo ideas.

7-a mini journal page:

Oh to make a fall page on your mini journal! Made by @littleladycrafter

I do have a mini journal myself and I know how cute and adorable to make little tiny pages like these. Especially season themed… You can always start your own mini journal any time and won’t regret.

8-A monthly spread:

The fall months definitely deserve a spread. @sleepyneko.bujo made us a cute one with her drawings and calm colors. And we are here for it!

You can make a monthly spread however you want, just make sure it reflects the season you’re in. Like this November spread, or the May spread I previously made with you.

9-Dear Diary:

dear diary

A style that I really love having on my journal. Taking some time to write down your life updates and little memories.

With this glimpse into @nicole.josephine ‘s journal, we see the beauty of writing about your days with a cozy fall design. I love the stickers she used, the font, and every other detail.

10-A tracker:

a fall tracker

This cutie, @daps.journals, decided to change her trackers a bit and made this optimized one for fall.

As it is clear, she is tracking her habits and productivity the way that works for her. And all of this by maintaining the cutest fall decoration ever! Don’t you agree?

11-About the week:

a fall themed weekly spread

@zpiecesdigital is the owner of a colorful weekly page. Strong colors on the side, a little autumn quote, some gold notes, and an organized week plan. SLAY!

It always feels refreshing to organize your time with journaling, and if you are looking for a fall themed one, you just found your inspo.

12-A day in the life:

"A day in the life" page

Another spread that should be included is this by @sleepyneko.bujo ! 

A daily journal page during fall season, where she tells us about the little events of her day. Absolutely a vibe, would be cool to try as well.


Those were some fall-themed journal ideas that I collected from different creative people. They all did a great job inspiring and bringing all this energy to the internet.

And now, our turn to get up and make some art!

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