Ramadan Journaling Prompts for a Better Month

As we all know, Ramadan is our best month as Muslims. The month of spirituality and repention.

We try to get the best of Ramadan as much as possible. By improving our performances, increasing acts of worship, keeping good intentions, and so on. But the thing is, we must be conscious of how we pass it, in order to make it worth it. We shall not fall into the mistake of sinking into Ramadan, not aware of it until it’s gone.

So, I put together this list of Ramadan journaling prompts and ideas for that purpose. I follow these prompts every year to guarantee a good plan and productivity during the month. You can make them before Ramadan (like the planning part), during Ramadan, or after (like the Eid page or reflections).

Feel free to get inspired by my work, and be flexible with yours.

Ramadan Bullet Journaling

Just like the beginning of every other month, bullet journaling helps you keep your habits and goals on track. I already made a step-by-step Ramadan bujo spread that you guys liked! 

ramadan bujo

But briefly said, I love to make a tracker for my habits such as reading quran and praying taraweeh. And I list my goals and big to-dos to make sure I am always aware and mindful of the progress I’m seeking.

Ramadan Lessons

A beautiful habit a Muslim can have is gratitude and mindfulness. And what’s the best time for that if not Ramadan?

Ramadan lessons is a prompt that pushes you to learn more about this holy month, think about its purpose, and redirect your mindset to the right path. It reminds you of your spiritual journey and the reasons why we do this in the first place.

Ramadan Lessons

Ramadan reflections

During Ramadan, or slightly after, I feel like reflecting on these days is essential. It’s a form of awareness that encourages thinking and grasping what you learned and lived.

I find it beautiful, a life of reflections in which events do not go in vain. For Ramadan, reflections can look like a list of what you experienced, what it made you feel, the hardships you went through, or just a form of diary to tell about your days.

Laylatul qadr

The blessed night, that holds so much barakah! Laylatul qadr is a beautiful page you can make the way you want. Either -like I did- info and facts about the night, or personalize it and make it about you, and how you are planning to pass it, etc…

laylatul qadr

Who am I after Ramadan

This prompt is literally so powerful. And I can’t stress that enough!

You know how we seek Duas time to ask Allah for whatever we want, praying for a better lifestyle and blessed days… It is pretty much the same concept but on paper.

You write about the version of you that you wish to keep after Ramadan. Take with you what this month gave you, from peace, consistency, and self-control. Write down your dream lifestyle and where you wish to be in life. It is a way of believing in Ramadan’s power and also reminding yourself of your goals.

Eid-ulfitr page

After 30 days of focus and worship, Ramadan comes to an end. And unlike other ends, Ramadan brings a celebration before parting ways, to make it a happy joyful ending.

Eid itself holds so many values just like Ramadan. With its prayer, family gatherings, foods, and rituals, it is an event worth celebrating and documenting.

Personally, I made it a habit to journal about every Eid. Making sure I’m keeping those memories alive, and ending Ramadan in the most positive way possible.

In little words

Ramadan is not a chance to miss. It only comes once a year and we must take advantage of all its moments. I mean it is fine to chill, or get behind couple of days, make mistakes, and learn. 

Ramadan is all about intentions and trying our best. And journaling is only here to make it easier, from planning to tracking what you do. I see it as a fun way to make our time effective. 

That is why it is a habit to keep, with and without Ramadan. It teaches you mindfulness and gratitude, along with all its benefits.

ramadan journaling

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