Do you want to make some beautiful Harry Potter journal pages? (10+ ideas)

A journal page about your favorite book series, or even movies, seems to be so fun!

If you read the Harry Potter books, you surely know by now why it is so special. And if you’re simply just a Potterhead who loves journaling, you’re welcome to your comfy space.

Here I gathered a visually pleasing list of different journal ideas, have a look and try it on your own:


1- a quote page:

A Harry Potter quote page

This page from @emmadbujo is a beautiful example of a quote page. 

Harry Potter, in both the books and movies, have a plenty of quotes to remember. From inspiring and deep sayings -like those coming from Dumbledore-, to funny and cute quotes -like the silly moments between them-. They all can serve you to come up with a fun creative quote page.

2- Make it vintage:

A Harry Potter vintage page

So @vintagearthetics made this Harry Potter page, but vintage.

This style has a lot more to it! Vintage journaling is about those colors, many layers, and a collage of stickers everywhere. As in this example, she was inspired by Harry Potter characters like Siruis to make her journal page complete. Loved it! 

3- A mini journal page:

A mini journal Harry Potter page

Here is a page of mine @noha.posts! And as you see, it belongs to my mini journal.

Starting a mini journal can be a good idea if you’re into art journals, and adding a Harry Potter page in there is even better. So check it out, and go for it.

4- Make it aesthetic and cute:

An aesthetic Harry Potter

One of my favs! A page made by @dexter_laboratory_st, and honestly, she has the cutest pages ever.

If you are looking for some aesthetic ideas for your journal, try something similar. You can see the colors, the shading, the little doodles, and the cute writing. Pick up your pinky colors, and get creative!

5- A spread for the month:

A daily Prophet inspired spread

If you want a new month spread idea, you can try a daily prophet theme just like @annajournals_ did.

A beautiful combination between a month agenda and a Harry Potter news page. Honestly, so good and inspiring. Looking forward to making one for myself as well.

6- A dark collage page:

A dark collage page

Collages are always fun to make. And @lazylattejournal was inspired by the Ravenclaw house colors to make this piece of art. -blue, magical, gold, and wise-

You can pick your favorite house, find its colors, and make a similar page!

7- A spread for the week:

A weekly spread

After a monthly spread, one for the week would be great! I mean, look at this bujo page made by the creative @dotted_ester.

What I love the most about weekly or monthly pages with a theme, is that you win both an organizer and an artistic view. Just like the above, you’ll have a well planned week, and a Hermoine making her potions to always have a look at. Isn’t it so cute?!

8- A mood tracker:

A harry potter themed mood tracker

A mood tracker inspired by Harry Potter is another brilliant page from @emmadbujo.

One of the bujo essentials are those mood tracker, will help you stay aware of your mood all along the month, and leave a cute colorful page behind. (especially when it’s Harry related)

9- A page for your memories:

a memories journal page

Adorable and cute by @tangerine.studiosg; loved how she kept her memories alive in this page. Apparently, she went on a Hogwarts even and journaled about it in such an artistic way!

You don’t need to go to Hogwarts to make one tho. Use any beautiful memory, maybe a fun travel. Print out your photos and make it Harry Potter themed on your journal.

10- A habit tracker:

A habit tracker

A habit tracker made by @dotted_ester is another great idea. The way she drew this beautiful Hogwarts illustration next to her habits is adorable!

The next time you track your habits using a journal, don’t forget to make it Hogwarts relates (it works better hehe)

11- A Marauder's map page:

Marauder's map inspired journal

Between all the magical things in Harry Potter, Marauder’s map is one of a kind! And as it’s special, it would serve a cool journal inspiration just like @journal_fuchs did in here.

He made it a secret place and wrote his memories inside. Like a little map for the past memories in his mind. And honestly, I find that both unique and inspiring. 


Those were some of the Harry Potter themed journal ideas for you to try. All those journaling lovers did a great job bringing so much cuteness to the internet.

And now, it’s your turn. Your journal surely needs one of these!

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