A simple guide to journaling prompts: 20 Inspiring Ideas

   Journaling is undoubtedly a good quality time tool, a healing process, and a close good friend. Unless you are still confused about how to do it and haven’t figured out your style yet.

   Don’t let the confusion get you! You may feel lost wanting to experience the benefits of journaling like others but can’t think of ideas to write about.

journaling about memories

   I get you. What happens is that you have many ideas, they are just all over the place. Your thoughts need a bit of guidance to come to reality. And that’s why journaling prompts exist. To help you after you start your journaling story.

What are journaling prompts?

   As simple as it sounds, journaling prompts are ideas of journal pages you can make. They help you focus on one topic, organize your thoughts about it, and look for the proper ideas at a time. Using journal prompts put you on a clear path before starting your journal session.

Journaling prompts for you:

   From my modest journaling experience, I gathered this list of effective journaling prompts. They will help you use journaling for your benefit, and explore yourself and mind better. Let’s have a look:

keep your memories alive:

  • Write about a beautiful memory like a story
  • How was your vacation? What did you do for fun?
  • Write about an adventure you had with someone
  • Narrate the moment of realizing a big dream of yours

Journal for mental clarity and self-discovery:

  • How do you feel right now? Why so?
  • When is the last time you felt anxious? When is the last time you felt truly happy?
  • What have you been overthinking lately?
  • How do you take your decisions? What was your last life-changing decision, and how did it go?

Daydream on paper:

  • Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?
  • Write about your dream job or dream travel
  • Write about the future as if it happened and you’re telling a story
  • Describe your dream lifestyle and day-to-day life

Make lists:

  • Make a holiday bucket list (my ultimate favorite)
  • Make a list of the books you want to read, or movies to watch
  • Create a big list of your lifetime goals
  • Make a list of your current bad habits, and another of good habits you want to have

Write about others:

two friends laughing on the ground
  • List your friends and your friendship stories
  • Write a thank you letter to someone
  • Write about someone who changed your life
  • Who do you care for? What do you do to take care of them?


   Whenever you can’t tell what to journal about, come to journaling prompts. Many ideas are available online for you to get inspired, and fill up your empty notebook. Just find what works for you and let your words flow. 

   I do have some specific journaling prompts that may suit you better, like these:

   Pick the ones that go along with your situation. And don’t hesitate to share your pages with me on Instagram @noha.posts, I’ll be happy to see your creation.

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