Technology: is it actually killing creativity?

Once in an English class, we were debating about whether or not technology kills our creativity. I’m sure you’re all aware of the vast propagation of Technology. It’s increasing to the point that we almost can’t survive a day without it. So naturally, we start questioning the negative effects it has next to all the benefits. And as humans are creative by nature, we wonder if Tech will give us the chance to keep it up.

We all had different arguments to defend our personal beliefs. Yet, both sides made all the sense. Then, it was simple to conclude that YOU choose how technology will affect your creativity levels.

being creative

Not very clear? No worries. Let’s go ahead and explain it in detail.

The relationship between technology and creativity:

Technology is boosting its capabilities and skills to reach all domains. It is making our lives easier, but slightly giving us breaks we never needed. It’s writing for us, summarizing our ideas, giving us information in seconds, strongly connecting us with the world, and so on. You see how, even with its facilities, it is easy to get lost in its endless services.

We are different, and each will draw his own story with technology. But at the end of the day, it’s up to us to either use that tool for our benefit or step behind and let it take our role. And that’s what makes the difference between those who think creativity is being killed and others who notice its enhancement.

How can Technology kill your creativity?

Technology itself is considered neutral to creativity. But its daily usage can affect us in ways or others. So it’s not directly related to creativity, but it can rather be a consequence. Here is how:

Technology dependency

As we mentioned before, technology is surely making our lives easier but it’s also giving us breaks we didn’t need. I mean, I can totally do my research on a topic, read multiple articles, and come up with a summary using my own style. But now, with tools such as ChatGPT, it can provide what I need within seconds. Depending on it again and again, will put my brain to sleep and steal my creativity.

The sad reality is that we mostly rely on our phones and digital tools to do our tasks. If we don’t pay attention, we may lose our creative sense, and become dry and superficial.

Moreover, that personal touch is what makes you human. Your favorite words, the way you put ideas together, and the way you express yourself are unique. So neglecting it and depending on technology to fill in your role will take away your sparkle and special treat.

It’s very distracting

We can all relate to this one. Technology is so distracting, and no matter how strong you are, you will fall for it at some point.

The content format, the hooks, the fast information, notifications, and ads. They’re all small things that pile up to create walls of distractions. (that’s why most of us, Gen Zers, have bad concentration and focus levels) Therefore, if you don’t implement strict rules in your environment, technology will end up interrupting your creative activities. And kill the creativity of a whole generation.

Enhances fear of failure

And omg how important this is.

True that fear of failure is a natural thing that humans feel with or without technology. But also, if you think about it, social media is playing a huge role in emphasizing that fear. Social apps are built to connect us with others and keep us close, but they somehow become a place to show off lives and represent that image about oneself. Everyone is drawing a frame of his perfect life, and each wants to share his inspiring success story and groundbreaking accomplishments

Which is all good and fun, until it starts playing with your head.

Getting occupied by others’ accomplishments can make you doubt yourself and criticize your actions way more. Here, the fear of failure takes over and makes it harder to produce and create.

How can Technology enhance your creativity?

On the other hand, and what I believe to be more real, Technology has the great ability to make us more creative. With its new tools and vast opportunities, we can see the world from other views and unlock our creative potential:

Creativity and Technology

A source of inspiration

The universe of the net is full of inspiration. Seriously, it gave everyone the outlet to share their skills with the world. They impact and influence with their content, and they help build communities of creative people with same passions. From Instagram to Youtube, passing by Pinterest, twitter, and so on.

Personally, I can never imagine my creativity levels today without the content I consume or the people I follow. Because influencing is real, and the more you follow up with a creative person’s journey the more you learn about your own. You get attached to your projects and ideas, and excited to create and maybe share like them. It shows you how it’s possible, easy, and fun to draw that creative path and follow it, no matter what domain you prefer.

Furthermore, you can also meet new people through it, maybe make collaborations, work on common projects, and be creative together like never before.

Gives you more time to think and create

The tools technology provides are made to help us simplify life, from fast search engines to organizing and planning tools. If used properly, they can reduce the amount of unnecessary time repetitive tasks take. Because let’s be real, while being productive don’t you find yourself half the time doing things that won’t really help? Automation and today’s AI technologies can help us get rid of this part and speed up the process.

What do we have left? Time and energy to think and create. Mental space to focus on the bigger image and do creative things. That’s how technology can simplify our lives and boost our creativity levels at once.

Offers a new side of creativity

What I mean by this is that Technology redefined creativity in a sense. It introduced new platforms and crazy software, giving us another experience with creativity.

Creativity itself is a broad topic and it’s the ability to create and interpret new and different ideas, as we defined in our podcast episode. And today, we see digital creativity, with writing, publishing online, photoshop, video editing, creative designs, drawing and sketching, content creation, online courses…etc. It just gave us a fresh aspect of creative matters and allowed us to extend our creation potential. And this itself is a treasure that we are lucky to have.

So with our generation, creativity is taking new features and announcing a new era of human potential. It’s lowkey freeing some creative powers we were holding in.


Technology and creativity happen to have a complex connection. It can be good or bad depending on where you stand, depending on how you lead your life, and where you want to be.

But easily said, technology can boost your creativity as long as you keep an eye out for excessive dependency, distractions, and negative feelings. Not only that, but it can teach you new skills, help you focus on your projects more, and open doors you never knew existed.

Now what about you, do you think technology is killing creativity?

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