Discover Creative Journal Ideas: 5aesthetic Ideas That You’ll Like

   Artistic journaling is one of these moments that we crave to practice art. It gives you the power of feelings-expression with different journal ideas.

   You probably heard about the benefits of journaling and the fun of artistic pages. Maybe you want to try it but have no idea what to start with. And I understand how confusing it can be when you find yourself asking, what shall I make a page about?

a page about an anime, on of the journal ideas

   Here I collected the top 5 creative journal ideas that I prefer making. They’re totally customizable and inspiring. Yet, if you prefer writing in your journal, a journaling prompts guide may be more helpful for you. Check it out!

1- Color coding:

 Start by choosing your favorite color. Gather all stickers and markers related. Thereafter, create a theme and make things match this way.

 I made many of these before and it’s always fun to manipulate a single color at a time. This blue one is so far my fav : (click to visit the insta post)

a blue themed journal page

2- Birthday page :

   Have you ever thrown a birthday party for yourself or a loved one? Or did your friends surprise you once with a birthday picnic? Memories like these are special and worth telling. 

   So this is your sign to start making birthday pages. Add pictures from that day and gratitude words and make it a piece of art.

   The one you see below is my favorite birthday page in my journal. I made it the day I turned 17 right after I was surprised with a birthday picnic. For me, it was a cool day that my journal SHOULD know about! And the result was this piece of art… (click to visit the insta post)

a birthday journal page

3- your favorite show :

   We all have that show of comfort that we can never stop watching. We feel connected to the characters and almost experience life with them.

   In a journal, we are describing ourselves and telling who we are. So things like our favorite Tv show or series must take a place. 

   For me, it is surely Harry Potter. I mean I love the books a bit more, as they’re special, but the movies bring me comfort too. This page is from my mini journal, and it will always be my fav. (click to visit the insta post)

A mini journal Harry Potter page

   If you happen to be a Potterhead too, and journaling is your passion, you may want to journal more about it! In another blog post, I made a collection from instagram artists about Harry Potter journal pages: 10+ ideas to make beautiful Harry Potter journal pages.

4- About me page:

   Another fulfilling idea you can add to your journal is this one. An about me page is more like a space where you can present yourself. Talk about who you are, your hobbies, your skills, or anything related to you.

   There are no rules to how you should make it. It’s all up to you! But for instance, here is what mine looks like: (click to visit the insta post)

About me journal page

5- A book you love :

   Reading journals are a whole other topic. Yet for an artistic page, a book will give the perfect aesthetic.

   If you enjoyed a book and it left you with a good impression, you can turn it into art!

   Imagine the fictional character and make it like a story page. Like this one that I made about the Arabic book فتاة الياقة الزرقاء by the writer Amr Abdelhamid. (click to visit the insta post)

a journal page about a book

To sum up :

   This was a quick tour into my own journal! I showed couple of pages and ideas that I love to make the most. Because, as journaling lovers, constantly looking for inspiration is what we need.

   So hopefully, this inspired you to visit your journal and make your own art.

   And for now, you can continue reading journaling articles on my blog where you find all tips you need to start.

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