Introverts and creativity: What kind of connection is there?

Creativity is a big concept we love to emphasize. And introverts are known to be naturally creative and artistic. 

Soo in today’s episode we find the answer and seek the relationship or connection introverts have with creativity! Take a place and join our discussion.

An episode summary:

I always enjoy telling the world about the magical features of an introverted personality, especially when it comes to being creative and productive. Therefore, this is how our discussion was put together:

  • What is creativity? And what is introversion? 
  • Creativity and introverts
  • Tips to boost your creativity as an introvert

What is creativity?

From a book called Human Motivation by Professor Robert Franken, creativity is defined as the tendency to generate or recognize ideas, or possibilities that may be useful in solving problems, communicating with others, and entertaining ourselves and others.

Simply said, creativity is the ability to create and interpret new and different ideas. It’s also a thinking pattern, taking place in your mind, to mix and jam ideas together in your unique way. Coming up with new creations.

A creative person is the one who uses both his imagination and logical thinking to make connections. They are curious, open-minded, and flexible. And surely artistic.

What is introversion?

‘Introverts are those who see the world from an inner perspective’

Introversion is a personality style that leans toward a calm and steady lifestyle. Far from the chaos of a loud crowded world.

They enjoy their own thoughts and feelings. They recharge by being alone. They’re great listeners, they step aside for others, and naturally seek self-understanding.

doing creative activities

Introverts and creativity

Speaking of this, I shared my story about my creative childhood and how it started from there. How I used to love using my hands to create little things, how I spent my time gluing things, drawing, and coloring… And how it slowly got me into bigger places, like reading books, public speaking, writing, and journaling.

Creativity for introverts is when they allow themselves to be, try, and experiment. It’s when they trust themselves and their abilities to make and innovate, using what already makes them special.

How can you become more creative as an introvert?

  • Find time for yourself: It may seem obvious and natural since creativity comes from within, so it takes time to be found. So we learn that we should lead a lifestyle where time for ourselves is a priority, no matter how busy we are, to stimulate our creative thinking.
  • Don’t be afraid to try: You can’t complain about not being creative when you are not putting any effort towards that. So this is your sign to give yourself a chance to try new things. Maybe writing, painting, digital drawing, animating, editing, crocheting, blogging, even cooking. And eventually, you will find it.
  • Seek inspiration everywhere: Creativity requires an inspired soul. And you can use your introvert superpower of observing and noticing the world around you to find your little inspirational pieces. Because life is full of inspiration, nature is inspiring, and humans around us are inspiring, you just gotta open your eyes and take them in.
  • Find a creative company: In the same way it’s great to work with yourself, it is magical to do it in a group. And when you’re surrounded by creative people, it inspires you and reminds you every time of your goals and motivation.

In little words

Introverts have some qualities and features that help them seek creativity by nature. So if you’re an introvert, do not waste that energy, identify your creative fields, and take advantage.

We know by now how creativity can be explored in different ways according to who you are.  And if you love books, you may enjoy reading about: Introverts reading books.

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