Enjoy and learn more from the books you read

Dear reader, you often read to learn and improve. You know right that books are a great source of knowledge. Yet, you may ignore how important it is to enjoy it first!

Everyone talks about the reading benefits; how it makes you smart and talented, how it improves your imagination and creativity. But not many aknowlege the part of FUN. 

 Well! It is a must to know that having fun with the books you read comes before the rest. If you want to make it a habit you need to treat it like a sort of quality time. You may romanticize your reading time and make it the best part of your day.

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Therefore, here are three points that make it clear:

1- Having fun with books comes before learning:

   With many activities and hobbies, you naturally wish to become better. But when you find yourself doing something you don’t fully enjoy. And the whole process becomes more like a boring obligation. You start the task waiting for it to end already, and you keep investigating the changes in your life in short terms.

   And so the same happens with books. When you pick a book that you dislike and push yourself to read it only to learn something, you’ll find yourself easily bored. You may fall into reading slumps and the pages become heavier to flip. You don’t enjoy the content and so you focus less on the learning part …. and end up with no benefit.

   Unlike when you are having fun with reading, you get engaged with both the cool words and helpful information. That’s how you will focus on enjoying the pages while the learning is happening at the back of your brain. Therefore, you learn unconsciously.

2- Enjoying is the goal, learning is the result!

   So far, this is the main idea that I want to proclaim! Learning from books is the result we get and not the goal. And the difference between someone who seeks knowledge only and someone who looks for joy in learning is pretty huge, because we learn more when we are happy

   The first treats books in an academic way, willing to implement that strict system of extracting helpful ideas from every page. 

   While the second is not even focusing on that. All he wants is to chill with his book, discover the style of the writer, feel the emotions that the words describe, and enjoy highlighting quotes and relatable phrases. The interesting fact is that the second is more likely to learn, as he is dedicated with his heart to the book, not only superficially seeking benefit.

3- we learn more from books when we are enjoying it:

Romanticizing books

When you are engaged with reading, many skills are likely to improve such as:

  • Your language level: you tend to always learn new vocabulary and expressions, especially when they are repeated on different occasions.
  • Your writing abilities: you develop a good style of writing and a logical way of connecting ideas since your brain is now used to receiving those connections without you realizing it.
  • Your imagination: One of the skills that improve pretty well with reading is your brain’s ability to imagine, and you may check my post on how does reading improve your imagination to know more about it.
  • Your annalizing skills: One of my favorites is reading between the lines, and the habit of going through books teaches you that. Especially with philosophical reading, you get the skill of digging deep into the writer’s brain and reaching the roots of his words, which I find unique and powerful.


   In little words, when you enjoy the books you read you are allowing yourself to learn more. You also experience reading in a professional fun way. So always seek enjoyment in reading before you question what you’ve learned. Because self-improvement and development often happen naturally and smoothly. 

Happy reading! Did you start your reading journey yet? If so, do you implement reading techniques such as slow reading, or critical thinking? It’s time to know about all of that.

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