Are hobbies important? (5 reasons why we need them)

Hobbies are those activities we do in our leisure time. We often choose them to have fun, avoid boredom, and improve our skills. But the questions are: How important are hobbies? And do we really need them in our lives?

An episode summary:

In today’s meeting, we shed light on the importance of hobbies and together we discover the reasons why we need them.

The five reasons we discussed are:

  • Hobbies connect you with yourself
  • They take care of your mental health
  • They challenge you and help you grow
  • They give your purpose
  • They provide a better social life

So let’s go ahead and explain each of these…

Hobbies connect you with yourself

As human beings, we have a variety of aspects in our lives, and we somehow need to find a balance between all those areas. It can get busy, and we may forget to be present. But hobbies come in handy to teach us exactly that.

Hobbies allow you to show your interests and focus on one thing at a time away from distractions. They can be your outlet, and the time where you explore yourself, make core memories with yourself, and nourish your mind with this care and diversity. You give yourself this personal experience that you just can’t find elsewhere. 

Hobbies take care of your mental health

Mental health is a crucial aspect that controls the way we think, feel, and live. So it’s very natural to say that it’s our responsibility to take care of it and nourish it. And hobbies are the best practice.

In a world of stress and anxiety, a hobby will help you step aside from the chaos and calm down, by doing something joyful and helpful for your mind. All types of hobbies turn your brain on, reduce stress coming from other sources, bring you knowledge, make you interesting by nourishing your personality, and they literally work like therapy. 

time for hobbies

Hobbies challenge you and help you grow

Allowing yourself to discover new hobbies and explore your interests will give you a clear mind and a growing space. 

We say that hobbies challenge you because they give you new mental spaces to think and grow. Whenever you decide to do something new and you commit to it, you step out of the loop. And then each hobby comes with its challenges, such as learning a new skill, staying consistent, etc…

Hobbies give you purpose

This is how I see it: having a hobby is giving yourself the chance to explore activities and interests that speak to your heart. When you find the right hobby, it shapes your personality and becomes a solid part of your identity, it helps you express yourself, and show who you are, therefore, you find your purpose.

Your hobby can start as a silly little thing you enjoy doing in spare time. But it may turn to somethig so big, maybe a career or something on the side, that serves your personal purpose.

Hobbies provide a better social life

Hobbies are the best way to meet interesting people, as you yourself become more interesting. Hobbies help you connect not only with yourself but also with the world. They show you how minds can think alike, and how you can relate to different people and belong to different communities. 

You are opening doors to potential friends and a larger network. Simply by giving some time to the activities you love, prioritizing them in your life, and making them important.

In little words:

Pursuing a hobby is a healthy way to pass your spare time. But it’s also so important for your development. It helps you connect with yourself, reduces your stress, gives you a space to grow with challenges, and much more.

In today’s talk, I had fun talking to you about the main reasons that make hobbies special, and I hope you did too. Looking forward to discussing more interesting topics in the future. And for now, you can listen to other episodes on different platforms.

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