Reading slumps: everything you need to know

That little monster that every reader fears, the period where they suddenly get detached from books and the notion that one may never experience the joy of reading again takes over.

Being a reader is understanding that reading slumps are part of the story. We only have to grasp it properly and learn how to deal with it.

An episode summary:

In today’s episode, we discuss everything reading slumps-related. We go through:

  • A reading slump definition. (and how to know if you’re experiencing one)
  • The causes of a reading slump 
  • How to get out of a reading slump and what tips to follow

What is a reading slump?

A reading slump is a state of inability to read. You suddenly find it hard to flip through the pages as if the sparkle is dying. You lose interest in books and feel disconnected from the words you read. And now, you are left with a broken hobby that stopped working.

This is a reading slump, very similar to an art block, a drop and lack of passion and excitement that you had for a certain activity. 

Reading slumps come in different fonts but you can still recognize one through these signs:

  • You do not enjoy your favorite genre anymore.
  • You get easily distracted while reading.
  • No book interests you. Reading seems like a heavy chore. 
  • Your TBR is no longer exciting
  • Days pass by without you reading any page. 
  • Disconnection is the only thing you feel when you try to read.
  • You may feel overwhelmed by not reading but still can’t pick a book

What causes a reading slump?

Reading slumps can haunt you for many reasons, depending on your life and circumstances. Although this topic was precisely explained, as I mentioned, in a previous post: HOW TO GET OUT OF A READING SLUMP we still can summarize them in four major causes:

  • Burnout 
  • Boredom
  • Stress and anxiety
  • High expectations

How to get out of a reading slump?

a bunch of open books

Whenever we face a problem, the crucial part is how to solve it. After understanding the roots of a reading slump, the next step must be looking for a cure.

Those are the tips I find more relevant, and that have helped me personally multiple times before. So you shall give them a chance and see what works the best for you.

1-Let it be

In other words, take a break from books. Obliging yourself to do it will lead to no good. So the cure is to let it happen and give yourself a break as long as you need. Do not think about books, neglect them for a moment and know that it’s okay. 

Your reading era isn’t over, it just needs some time

2-Start a new page with reading

Now that the break is over, you want to start a new page with reading. You should take in consideration the reason why you fell into that reading slump too, and have a close look.

For example, if boredom was your problem, you should try new genres and styles. Free yourself to explore the world of literature from other perspectives and find your new favorites.

3-Go back to reading content

Social media is honestly our strong point, and we must employ it properly. To nourish our hobbies, get inspired, and boost our creativity.

Now that you are starting over you need to give it another chance. Explore reading content and find your comfort place within. Start looking for content creators, new bookstargramers, booktubers, or even bloggers. Maybe finding a new figure will bring you back the comfort of reading.

4-Join a book club or a reading buddy

If you are getting serious about reading you can join a book club online, where a group of people pick a book every month or week, read it together, and discuss it at the end.

If it doesn’t suit you, you can join a friend in real life. Find your reader friends and have some book convos together. 

5-Revisit your favorite books

My top fav tip to fall in love with books again.

A favorite book, the one you rated five stars, will often be associated in your mind with certain feelings and memories. Going through it again will work as a reminder for you.

It will remind you of:

  • how much you enjoyed that book
  • how amazing reading is
  • how can a book provide such deep connection and understanding?

In little words:

Today’s episode was a good chance to highlight this topic. We made it clear that reading slumps are normal, and it only takes some understanding and patience to overcome one easily.

And for now, I invite you to listen to other fun episodes and visit the reading section to read more about similar topics.

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