A reading habit, how to start and keep one

Welcome to today’s episode! Excited to share with you the first episode of my podcast, where we discuss the basics of a reading habit.

So take a seat, and let’s get into it:

An episode summary:

 You can fall for reading with a single book, and get into this world easily. But keeping it habit is a real challenge the MAJORITY of readers face!

 From the title, you could tell that we are covering the first steps to a reading habit, and we discussed three main points on this matter:

  • Why you should start a reading habit
  • How to start reading as a newbie
  • What are the tips you need to keep that reading habit all along

Why you should start a reading habit?

A reading habit seems to be the most beneficial thing to have. So before starting one, let’s list them benefits:

Reading improves your memory, raises your concentration levels, and develops your imagination and creativity. It does a lot more tho; it will make sure to continuously compound your knowledge, give you an insight into different perspectives, and improve your vocab and writing style, generally your languages.

an open book on a chair

On the other hand, since we tend to be so busy, keeping a reading habit is like a teacher on the side. When it becomes a habit, there is no need to plan or find time for it constantly, because it’s been automated. 

Literally, you are just enjoying your books while all that magic happens in the backend, unconsciously if you will.

How to start reading as a newbie?

All the tips I mentionned on this matter came from my blog post: how to strat reading for beginners.

But They can still be summarizes like the following:

  • Forget about the old ideas and start new
  • Find your type by asking yourself questions
  • Start with small books and novellas
  • Consume reading content on social media
  • Annotate and highlight your books


What are the tips you need to keep that reading habit

Starting a reading habit is not always the hard part. But staying consistent and keeping it for so long can surely be challenging.

 Let’s say you tried reading before. It was brilliant and you loved it. But you are busy, maybe lazy, to keep it up. You really wanna read more but unintentionally, you fall behind. And that is FINE, it happens, and you can overcome following these tips:

  • Take a book with you everywhere: “Our brains love to pick what’s close and obvious”
  • Create a TBR: it will reduce confusion and guide you with what you want to read next.
  • Find a daily reading time: Notice all the daily habits that surprisingly have a specific time in your day. Reading can join them too!
  • Do not force it: Remember that we started reading to enjoy and learn. We wanna get better and have fun. So there is no need to make reading like a chore, as it may easily make you hate it, or cause you a reading slump. 

In little words:

Today’s meeting was a brief chance for us to travel around the aspects of reading!

I enjoyed talking to you about one of my fav topics, and hopefully you did too. Reading is indeed a great habit to consider adding to your life. It will only do you good and show you places of yourself you didn’t know existed.

For now, I invite you to listen to other fun episodes, share it with your friends, and check my reading blog for more and more reading content.

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